Kaposvár University Center of Game Management
3 Malom street, Bőszénfa H-7475 Bőszénfa

Specification of tours

Tours guided by experts, for groups by advance booking:

Pet our tame red deer, make friends with the wild boar, row deer, muflon and visit the trophy collection. The tour takes approximately 1 hour.

Groups arriving by bus are invited to tour our game farm in their own vehicle to observe our red deers, fallow deers, wild boars, David-deers and ’szika’ deers. The guided tour takes approximately 0,5 hours.

Observation of the wild game (see by bus tour) riding a tractor-towed trailer, which can seat 50 persons safely and comfortably. The tractor will go into one garden so visitors can see the red deers closely. This guided tour takes approximately 1 hour, the minimum number of participants is 10 persons.

Tour of the farm by a horse-drawn carriage on the same line as the bus tour. On the carrige there is a place for 18 people, but if necessary, we can start another carriage with 10 seats. The tour takes about 1-1,5 hours, the minimum number of participants is 10 people.

Sausage, ham and salami made of wild-game with salad, onion and paprika. This program can be ordered independently or adjacent to a tour.

Important information before visiting:

The tours take place outside in hilly, sometimes dirty areas. Hiking equipment and raincoat are advised (animals are afraid of umbrellas). In case of bad weather or slippery ground the tours might be cancelled or changed – we inform groups with booked appointment and reschedule the tour. The farm visit is the guest’s own responsibility!

Feeding of animals with dry, unmouldy bread and apple is allowed in the presence of an escort or guide.

Because of animal health control reasons the name of the participants and the availability of a contact person must be submitted to a member of the staff on an A4-sized paper.

Please indicate your wish to visit our center in advance, to avoid any inconvenience!
Tel: 0620/977-62-89 Tünde Daniné Udvardy
The farm visit is the guest’s own responsibility!

Wild animal petting zoo

People have always felt the need of petting animals and hand them food. In case of wild animals it is usually not possible in the Zoo-s and in safari parks. In Bőszénfa some deer stags and hinds were raised and fed by our staff to be the visitors’ tame friends for the duration of the visit. The oldest and kindest inhabitants of the petting zoo, Pötyi and Borcsa aged 6 and 2 are extremely friendly and insistent hinds. Many times they join the group at the gate and follow us until the end of the tour. The spotted calfs of our two other hinds - the 4 years old Jázmin and Nelli - are playing very close to the visitors. Our young stags, Jocó and Bandi are also really tame (except in the ruting season in September) and they are not disturbed by visitors stroking their velvet antler. Next to the conventionally coloured (spotted) fallow deer some special, white and black animals can also be admired closely. A tame wild boar swine herd lives in a separated garden. Gerzson, the huge boar was found in streaky age in the area.  The wild boar –grown up by feeding-bottle – has an own family now, consisting of two  wild pig sows (also raised by the staff) and three piglets. Gerzson did not become ungrateful to the people who raised him, even though he is now the head of a family.

Every season brings something interesting to see in the wild animal petting zoo: the casting of antlers in February, the shedding hair in early spring, the new-born calfs and streaky piglets in late spring, the stiping of the velvet antlers, the ruting season in September and the ruting season of the fallow deer in October.


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